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» Corporate Responsibilities

Today, for a company to be defined as successful, profit is not enough. It must also show that this profit has not been gained to the detriment of the community as a whole. In this system of ideas what clearly emerges is the theme of corporate social responsibility, or what is commonly termed ethical marketing.
Ethical marketing entails the commitment on the part of a company to develop, maintain and reinforce both external policies and internal procedures which are fair. It presupposes the establishment of a strong tie between customer and firm, with those who have an interest in relation to it, in other words its internal and external stakeholders.
We at C.M.G. have decided to adhere to initiatives ascribable to ethical marketing. It is precisely as a result of this that our company pays ever more heed to the rights of the customer, who is considered a member of society and not merely a consumer.
With reference to internal stakeholders, we have promoted actual participation in strategic choices within our company, accompanied by the sharing of ideas and experiences, by the circulation of information and by the spreading of culture, methodology and working instruments. The relationship we have established with our external stakeholders fosters the exchange of cultures and knowledge, the opening of new work round tables, giving visibility to experiences, favouring various kinds of partnerships, promoting transparency in relationships, strengthening partnerships, all to the advancement of ethical professional behaviour.

Furthermore, during 2006, we decided to adopt an Ethical Code, in keeping with transparency, fairness and the consistency of our business relationships.
The Ethical Code may be defined as the Constitutional Charter of a company; a charter of moral rights and duties which establishes the ethical and social responsibility of each participant in the business organisation.
The decision to adopt an Ethical Code represents not only an excellent tool for organisation and internal management, but also an influential element in terms of customer satisfaction, as the company will benefit from the greater trust and esteem afforded to it by the final customer.
Finally, as the dissemination of such codes in Italy is still limited, we can claim to be one of the few Italian companies to have taken up the challenge of ethical conduct in business.

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